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In traditional Scottish language, "bonnie" means beautiful and "brae" is a term to describe a sloping hill. We felt the Scottish named perfectly summed up beauty and simplicity of our ceremony site.

Nestled on a grassy knoll amongst the woods, Bonnie Brae is situated along the waterfront of Slanted Apple Farm. The westward facing venue offers spectacular sunset views as well alongside the ever present beauty of the Westsound waters. The site is currently open for ceremonies only, but can be booked alongside our reception site, The Barn at Deer Hollow, located only two minutes down the road. Bonnie Brae offers a traditional experience with the unique feeling of an island wedding. We would love to have you for your special day, if you are interested in learning more about Bonnie Brae, please contact us. 

Please note, Bonnie Brae can only be booked in conjuction with our rental house, Apfel Haus, which lies just up the hill. 

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